Women all over the globe being deeply connected to their hearts and their vitality. 


The time is now for women to feel the deep connection with themselves and live their most vibrant life from this place.  

Are you nourishing yourself and your desires? YOU are the one you've been waiting for.  The time is now to re-connect with who you truly are. 

Come back home to yourself beautiful one.



Aloha beautiful being!  
My name is Kristina, the creator of Vital Women Global.

This is a place where you are supported in reconnecting to the vitality in your life.  Our vitality is our juice, our passion, our reason for living, what we are here to bring to the world.  

So what do you say ladies...lets unlock this powerful energy that is unique inside of each of us waiting to play.  

Here's to our Vitality!

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....because you're worth it!

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