Women all over the globe being deeply connected to their hearts and their truth. 


"Come back home to yourself beloved one.  To your heart, to your power, to your truth."

The time is now to re-connect with the truth of who you really are. 

The time is now to feel the deep connection with yourself and live your most vibrant life from this place.  



Aloha beautiful being!  
I am Kristina, the creator of Vital Women Global.

An intuitive soul guide, connecting Women back to their hearts, their power, their truth to return home once again.  So they can embody their truth and live a life that they feel good about.  I work on the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms to bring a palpable deep connection with your soul.

I used to be deeply disconnected from myself.  From my heart, my truth, my power.  In many moments I felt so lost and didn't know how to find my was back home to myself.  I kept looking outside of myself and felt mislead over and over again.  Over many years of working with healers and going through deep self-discovery, I uncovered many ways to deeply reconnect with myself and come back home.  I discovered the truth within myself, I discovered my real power and so much more.  

It is now my hearts calling to help other women in this same heroic journey.  We are surrounded by messages of illusion that can have us feeling completely lost.  Together as the powerful Women we are, I believe we can help remind each other of this journey home to ourselves and return once again.  

So what do you say ladies...lets unlock this truth, this power in each of us and rise together! 

Here's to our Vitality!

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