Vital Women Global's Mission:

For all Women to feel deeply connected to their hearts, their truth, and their power to bring vitality back into their lives.


Founder, Sophia Rose

A sacred journey back home.  

Empowering the Sacred Feminine fully embodied.

Hi there beautiful beings!  I am Sophia, owner of Vital Women Global.  Stewarding this company because it is my life's work. I continue to step out of my limitations and blocks and expand into my fullness and I am here to help support other Women with that as well. 

This is a platform for Women to step into their power and experience the fullness of themselves expressed in the world. It has been and continues to be my journey to step out more fully into my gifts, into being seen, into connecting with others. So here I AM serving this expanded experience in myself and the collective of incredible Women. 

My mission is for all women to feel deeply authentic, healthy, and free.  I am an intuitive wellness coach specializing in women's empowerment, health and nourishment.  Bringing women into the depth and the fullness of who they are so they feel healthy, confident, alive, and unique with the amazingness of who they are.

Some other fun facts about me:

- I have a Bachelors in Psychology (I have been interested in us human beings since I can remember)
- I am a certified Wellness Coach (I am obsessed with what healthy food can do for the mind and soul!)
- I have worked with so many shamans and healers of all sorts that I have lost count.
- I slowly started to discover my many extra sensory and other worldly gifts over time which at first freaked me out a little!
- I have so much passion I don't know what to do with it sometimes
- I am a Leo Sun and remember that I am a healing Seraphim Angel
- I work closely with many higher beings who have healed me over the years that has allowed me the honor of passing that on to others.
- I receive random downloads and communicate with higher beings on the daily.  (I usually have a hard time explaining these to others!) 

Want to go deeper?  Here are some options for you:

Free "Ground and Empower Meditation"
The Embodied Program- a 3 month one-on-one VIP program. 

Certified Wellness Coach
with the IAWP: