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A 3 month one-on-one Program

A sacred journey back home to yourself.


Nothing works if you aren't connected to yourself...  

Your life will feel like a shell of you if you aren't doing the things that cultivate a deep connection with yourself.  Connect into the next level of your life, expression and work in the world. We use a holistic approach with emotional, spiritual and intuitive guidance to reach the next level of your empowered and embodied self.

It's time to be seen, is time to be supported, it's time to flourish Love!


Do you feel:

- Feel tired and a lack of energy.
- Want to do so much in your life and feel alive, but find you feel depleted easily.
- Frustrated with feelings of self-doubt and paralysis around doing what you know you came here to do.
- Look at other women doing it and feeling left out and disempowered?
- Yern for the feeling of being creatively "on fire"
- Know that you have so many gifts but they all feel stuck inside, like your holding back.

**This program will help you turn into your inner world and understand the ways you feel the most nourished and loved.  You will learn what you need and want and how to give that to yourself so that you are fulfilled.  No more looking to others or hoping other people will give you the things you truly want, that's now in YOUR hands and YOU CAN do it!  I am here to help you with that part ; )  You are the one that knows yourself the best and knows how to give yourself what you want the BEST.

In this Program you will receive:

- 1 (1.5 hour) intuitive deep dive session to start off with a bang!

- 7 (1.5 hour) one-on-one coaching and energy healing sessions with me, one every other week. (via Phone or Skype)

- Homework assignments, customized blueprints, and meditations that will help you to align with your vitality.

- Rituals and self-nourishment practices that help you to come back home into your self-love and power.

- A gorgeous Gift Package sent to you in the mail with amazing goodies that will make you feel like the goddess you are.


What we cultivate together:

  • Receive psychic and intuitive guidance from me connecting in with your soul and sharing with you messages and things that are going on that are calling out for attention.
  • Get to know and implement the ways you feel most nourished, empowered and joyful.
  • Understand what drains you and what nourishes your energy.
  • Learn how to begin to share all of you so that you aren't feeling fragmented anymore.
  • Learn practices that help you step out of stress and overwhelm and into deep connection with your power, inner voice and self-worth.
  • A realistic, practical and spiritual way for you to tap into your inner power and love for self through self-loving practices. 
  • Customized blueprints specifically for you, created as a road map to help you understand the way that your internal world works.

This 3 month in-depth experience, with payment plans available.  This is a FULL IMMERSION experience with high-level support.  

** After receiving your application we will have a short call together to make sure it's the right fit!

Enrollment is currently closed for this Program.  Please join the wait list to be notified when it reopens.