One-on-One Coaching with Sophia

I help women to reconnect to the deepest part of themselves so that they can live a life that feels like there own.

Are you ready for a change in your life?
Are you ready to feel and be who you truly are meant to be?
To feel alive, embodied and free?

We can’t do this alone, we need support on this journey. Are you ready for that support?

We work together on what I call “The Self-Love Blueprint.” We uncover the areas in your life where you have been programmed with “self-hate'“ and bring awareness there so you have a better understanding of how you are treating yourself in your daily life. Then we implement self-love techniques and practices to move into a space of self-acceptance, deep healing and re-connection with your true self. This all creates the fertile ground for love and trust to grow inside of you and for you to blossom like a flower does in the sun. Blossoming into the you you have always been.

This support is highly customized to you as an individual. I have been given the gift of intuition which I use to sense and feel my way through your unique soul and receive messages on how to bring you back to alignment within yourself.  So we will work on the areas you specifically are looking to shift in your life.

The Program

3 month Program: $1,800 (save $99 with full payment upfront)
Payment Plan available: 3 monthly payments of $633)
We meet once a week for 60-90 minutes via Skype or Phone.  

I am only offering 3 spots for this one-on-one coaching so if you are interested I highly suggest reserving your spot below and/or reaching out now!

Reserve your spot.
Because spots are limited, if you know you want to work together, you can put down a deposit to ensure your spot. Reserve your spot here:

If you are interested and would like to explore this more together, send me a message below and we can connect.

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