Single Intuitive Healing


- A 1 hour intuitive healing session (via phone)

- An intuitive assessment of your physical, emotional and spirit body to see what is needed for your expansion.  In these sessions I am using the gift of physic and intuitive abilities to see and feel your soul and what is calling for healing and transformation.  Depending on what your soul is calling for the healing can be through energy work, sound (toning), words, or guidance from the higher beings.  My intention with this is to meet you where you are at and illuminate the next level of where you are going. 

- You will walk away with suggested self-care and processing practices to help you cultivate and integrate healing after our session. 

- We will keep this simple and easy to integrate.  A more in-depth elaboration is offered in the 3 Month Program. 

- I will send you a form to fill out before our session so I can best serve you and be guided in what you need.

Investment for this session: $222

**Beloved, I am currently giving birth and taking 2 months off for my Daughter, Avalon's arrival!  I will be offering these sessions again beginning June 1st.  Please feel free to send me a message if you are interested in a session and we can book something for after June 1st together.  

Love, Kristina and Avalon.